Tommy Took my Title & Innovation in the Presence of Tradition

 This morning began with a discussion of innovation by a co-founder of Codika. It was very interesting to listen to him discuss the process of how innovation comes about and how Codika has helped companies bring about the innovation they seek. After lunch, we visited La Boca, a vibrant part of the city that has strived to keep the history and tradition of the tango alive. Some people may see innovation and traditions and antitheses of one another, however, I don’t believe this to be true. I believe the best kind of innovation is that that takes the tradition with it. For example, we listened to traditional tango music today, but we also listened to an electric tango music. It was innovated to keep up with the times, yet it still kept many of its roots at the heart.

La Boca certainly strives to keep the tradition alive despite being tucked into a pocket surrounded by sky scrapers. Tango dancers dressed up in very traditional tango dress and for a fee, people could take pictures with them. They have adapted to the times by offering a quick snap of a camera, while also appealing to the nostalgia and fascination of the past. Not to mention all of the artwork that honors events, people, and places of the past that lined the walls. Part of the reason La Boca has been able to survive and maintain its historical presence in the face of innovation is because it is so unique and “Instagram-able” that people love to take a step into the past. The bright colors and lively street venders make the neighborhood feel alive despite the historical implications of the area.

It’s so crazy to think that its already been a week and a half and in just three days I’ll be boarding a flight back to the States. This experience has been an absolute whirlwind, and I’m so grateful to be one of the first nursing students to take on the challenge of Plus3. To any future nursing student who may stumble across this blog, apply! Getting a more worldly view of healthcare is so important and this trip provides such an invaluable experience. The innovation and appreciation for what has come before us is truly revolutionary and ha really taught me a lot about what it means to be human and what it means to be a healthcare professional.

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