Day 11- Yangshan Port and Lingang

Today we had a really early start to the day, we had to leave early in order to get to the port in time! During the two-hour bus ride to the Yangshan Port we got the opportunity to listen to a Pitt alumnus speak about her experience since coming to Shanghai to live. She studied abroad in China during her time in Pitt Business which ultimately led her to moving here! Following graduation, she came to China to pursue a master’s degree and has been here since. She currently works for a company in Shanghai, however, she mentioned that she has intentions of moving back to the states at some point to further her career. It was very interesting to learn about her story and her perspective coming from Pitt Business and everything she has done since then.

Once we finally made it to the Port we walked up to where we could get a really beautiful view of the water and all the cargo. It’s insane how much China ships out all over the world, it’s hard to imagine how they are able to keep everything in order and get the goods to the right place at the right time. There was cargo from all different companies including Costco, Semens, along with many different brands of cars. On our way we crossed over the world’s largest sea bridge, which was also built in just six months! That is very impressive. After our visit to the Port we then traveled to Lingang, a company that owns and operates industrial parks. Here we learned about the company as a whole and all the different business they are involved in. Lingang ships out tons of different things as they are a very diversified shipping port. Some of the goods include kiwis, BMWs, and even things for Disney. They have around 8400 different industrial parks, including international locations, one being in San Francisco. As a company their primary location to ship goods to is New Zealand, with Belgium coming in second. Linang, similar to many of its competitors is funded completely by the government which I found interesting. Following the presentation, we went to see one of the areas where they load up the cargo ships. Once if the ships we saw carries automobiles, apparently it can hold up to 2400 cars on one shipment of cars, that’s a ton! We then went back and ate  lunch at the company. Lunch was different than usual, but I thought that it was good! The bus ride back was essential for me to catch up on some sleep, I’m exhausted!

The rest of the day was dedicated to some unstructured free time. During the afternoon my group and I met to discuss and prepare for our project presentation tomorrow. We have been preparing for this presentation throughout the trip and we have successfully developed a business model for an idea that I think could be really successful in China and in the U.S.

Dinner tonight was on our own again. We decided to go to a bar with American food, I got chicken fingers and fries, my favorite! 

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day in China, I’m definitely going to miss it. 

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