Final Visits

On Thursday we had our final official visits with us visiting the US Consulate Office and Pusan National Universtiy. We started the day off by visiting the US Consulate Office in Busan. At first our bus dropped us off at the wrong place, but we were quickly picked up and brought to the correct destination. We were given a presentation from a man who is originally from Massachusetts but has worked at Consulate Offices all over the world. He mostly talked about his experience in Busan and how it is trying to grow despite the fact that it is already the second largest city in South Korea. He said they have a little brother feel to Seoul and they want to change that. He went on to talk about the struggles with the relationship with Japan, and I believe he feels a large part of that is problems from the past never being fully solved. We later got to your their office, which he said he believes is the smallest US Consulate office in the world. I’m not sure if he was just joking, but it was very small. We learned a bit about the history of the Consulate in Busan and how they became an official Consulate office around two years ago.

After the Consulate office, we went to visit Pusan National University. Pusan National University is the best public university in South Korea and twelfth overall in the country as well as being ranked in the top 200 in a variety of categories in the world. When we got there, we were given a brief presentation on the school. After that, we were given a lecture from a professor there about North Korea. It was interesting learning about the country, as most of our trip has been focused on South Korea. After the lecture we were given a tour of the University. It was a great day in Busan and I am excited for my final full day in Korea tomorrow.

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