May 13th: Oooo Chemistry

Other than Audi, I was probably the most excited for today. So excited that I almost skipped out on friend bacon by mistake. We went to SGL, a carbon fiber company. It was a short bus ride but I still managed to sleep for basically all of it. We showed up to the facility to see a nice display of products from SGL and even the chance to feel how light some of the products were.

A Carbon Fiber Door Made by SGL

The reason I was so excited for today? Chemistry. I love chemistry. I took my first class during my sophomore year of high school and instantly knew it was what I wanted to do. So that’s why I decided to be a chemical engineer. At SGL they use chemistry. The first presentation was given by Tilo Haulke. And I loved it. He talked about the differences in the forms of carbon based on structure and how this structure can change its properties. These are all things I have learned in class before and things that fascinate me. We then saw the factory tour which was amazing. We saw strands of carbon fiber going through the production process that were hundreds of meters long. What I found the coolest was the machine that braids the carbon fiber. It was basically two giant wheels with hundreds of spools and the two would rotate in opposite directions to braid the strands around an object. Even coming from an engineering mind, I found it absolutely crazy and still have not a clue how it works. After the tour we were fed. And we were fed well. There was rice with sauce and stuffed cabbage and vegetables and even a small custard dessert. I’m not entirely sure what type of meat was inside the stuffed cabbage but I liked it, as I do most meats. And the jam that you mixed into the custard was amazing. And to top it all off a nice 0,7 L bottle of sparking water.

After leaving SGL it was time to get to work on the final presentation. We met with our group at university and, once again, I got that feeling. It’s the feeling that I’m not in a foreign country at a different University. It’s the feeling that I’m just on campus getting work done naturally. We really made great progress on the presentation. We got a lot done and are in a good place moving forward. While leaving the university, I had to stop at an atm to pick up some money. (I guess I spent too much on souvenirs in Munich. Oops!) After following the pocket guide to see there was an atm in Building C, I opened the doors and, to my surprise, a poster sale.

Campus Poster Sale

It looked like a typical campus poster sale. There were all your typical, iconic images and so many more with pop-culture that I recognized. So many different movies and TV shows all were represented at the sale.

After catching the tram, we were hit with hunger. Döner was the move. We went to our usual spot where the owner knows our group well by now. He’s a very kind man named Mimo; he always gives us free tea with our sandwiches. We ate as we walked down the street and I got the chance to take a great picture.

My Great Picture of a Döner

After going back to the hotel and getting ready, we went out for a birthday dinner for Eammon. We went to Sauslitos, a wonderful Mexican place. It felt very similar to a Mad Mex or Emiliano’s, two of my favorite Mexican restaurants in America.

It was a great day kicking off our work on the final presentation and I’m excited to head to Ulm tomorrow and climb the monster Münster.

Highlight of the Day: Getting started on the final presentation.

Low of the Day: Short bus ride = short nap.

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