Shipping Goods All Over the World

Day 11 started with a long bus ride to our first stop of the day, Yangshan Port. It was about a two-hour bus ride to the port. Due to the long bus ride we had a guest speaker talk to us during the ride. The guest speaker is a Pitt alum who is currently living and working in China. She participated in a similar study abroad program to China when she was at Pitt. After her experience abroad she studied the language and finished school before finding a job in business in China. I was really interested in finding out if she went home a lot since moving to China or if she enjoys her new home and stays here. She said she didn’t go home very much with her first job she had in China but now with her new job she made sure she had the opportunity to go home more. She also told us that she does not have her license and does not even want to get it due to the traffic being so bad. She really takes advantage to the cheap but fast public transportation that is offered. The digital lifestyle has become part of her life since moving here. She does everything on her phone from making purchases to sending emails all on one app. 

The port we were traveling to was on the islands of Greater and Lesser Yangshan. The islands are connected to the mainland through the world’s largest sea bridge, Donghai Bridge. Traveling a crossed this bridge was super cool. It seemed like it was never going to end. We passed many rows of windmills in the water along the bridge. When we finally got to the islands, we could already see the rows of cargo carriers. The port was massive. There were so many cranes and stacks of carriers. When we were looking down onto the port from the hill, we could see four ships being filled with hundreds of carriers. There were also big trucks coming to get loaded up with a carrier to deliver. I have seen a few ports in the US, but not as huge as this one we saw today. The amount of precision and logistics that have to go into this system is unbelievable. After we admired how massive the port was, we made our way to our next stop, Lingang. 

Lingang is another company that serves as a port in Shanghai. The port sits in the Southeast corner of Shanghai at the junction of the Yangtze River and the Hangzhou River. They have other locations all over the world including one in San Francisco.  The top two countries they ship the most to are New Zealand and Belgium. It takes about a week for a shipment to get to those countries. After we finished hearing about the company, we went outside to look at the actual port. I thought it was really interesting to see the different ships and seeing them be unloaded. There was a ship at the port full of brand-new cars that were being unloaded. Every single car had to be driven off individually. The parking lot outside the building we were in was full of brand-new cars. Then we ate lunch at the company. When we were done eating, we got back on the bus and headed back to the hotel and had free time to explore the city the rest of the night. 

Ship that held the cars
Looking down on the port

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