The Arena

Arrivederci Milano! Buongiorno Verona!

Today we packed up and left the Hotel Sempione in route to Verona! After a two and half hour bus ride through the Italian countryside, only a short distance from the Alps the whole way, we arrived amidst a cold rain. The drive was very beautiful but we were all very excited to start our time in this new, yet ancient, city. After we checked into the hotel, a large number of us decided to try the local McDonald’s. Afterwards, I returned to the hotel for a short amount of downtime.

We gathered in the hotel lobby and began our introductory tour of Verona! Our tour guide took us through the main square and into the arena, a Roman amphitheater constructed in the second century B.C.E. We were given some time to explore the amphitheater and take pictures. Our tour guide explained that the amphitheater is still in use for an annual opera festival that has been hosted for more than one hundred years in Verona. Afterwards we made our way to the centuries old home of the Capilleti, the historical inspiration for the Capulet family in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Here, people leave love letters and notes to bring them happiness in their romantic endeavors.

We continued to tour and entered into a castle next to the Adige, which was strategically fortified to be entirely separable from the rest of the city. A walking bridge crossed the Adige from the castle, and the group stopped to take pictures. This was a very beautiful location, one of my favorites so far.

To conclude the tour we walked back to the hotel. After a short time a group of us left the hotel to grab dinner and enjoyed our meal next to a live DJ in a local square! The evening was fun but now we have returned to the hotel to rest up for a busy day tomorrow!


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