Trainor Korea and Busan New Container Terminal

On Wednesday, we had two company visits. The first visit we had was from a company called Trainor Korea which is headquartered in Norway. At Trainor, they give certificates to construction, shipyard and other workers who work in dangerous environments as well as certificates to machinery. While we were there we were given a presentation from a Swedish man who works for the company. He said that 98% of accidents are preventable with 70% being human error and 18% being equipment malfunction. He went on to talk about how in Korea, people are in such a hurry to get everything done, that some people are more concerned with getting the certificate than actually learning the safety and that can cause problems. 

After we were done with the presentation we had lunch right near the office. We had a cold noodle soup and dumplings. It was different having the noodles cold, but after putting some wasabi and vinegar in it, it tasted pretty good.

After lunch, we headed to Busan New Container Terminal. Busan New Container Terminal is a shipping company that has a very modern system for placing crates on trucks and ships. It is mostly automated there, which causes little to no error in their system. The technology is updated constantly and maintenance is done on the machines all the time to make sure no mistakes occur. While we were there we were given a presentation from a man from North Carolina about his previous experiences, the history of the company, and what the company does. After his presentation, we went higher up in the office and got a great view of the automation from the cranes picking up the crates and moving them. It was a great day in Busan and I am excited for the final day of company visits in Busan tomorrow.

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