A Sunday in a Movie Scene

Today we arrived in Verona and all I can say is “wow”. This city is truly something else. This morning we boarded a coach bus and drove the two hours during which every soul on the bus was asleep. Upon arriving though, everyone perked right up. The architecture of the city is absolutely incredible and quintessentially Italian. It seriously looks like something out of a movie. Our only activity scheduled for today was a walking tour around the whole city with a tour guide who was just as sweet as she was knowledgeable. She showed us around a castle, the incredible arena, and gave us infinite knowledge about Verona and its history. The arena was definitely my favorite part of the tour. Amazingly, it was the only structure in all of Verona to survive a gigantic earthquake in the 1500s and remained perfectly intact. The arena is also made of limestone, whose strength has led to much better preservation than that of the Roman Colosseum. It is still used frequently today and in a few short weeks with be hosting the 106thOpera Festival of Verona.

One thing about Verona I found incredibly interesting was how much history this city has been a part of. From pre-Christianity, Roman times, the middle ages, the world wars, up until today, this town has been survived through it all. It amazes me that it has held on to its charm for as long as it has. Tomorrow we will be spending time at a couple of different businesses in the surrounding area and then Tuesday we travel for a day trip to Venice, I can’t wait to see what our final week has in store for Plus 3 Italy.

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