Chapter 13: San Isidro & Evita

Yesterday, May 16th, we split up into two groups in the morning; one visited the Hospital Fernandez public hospital and the other, my group, visited the Infant and Maternity hospital in San Isidro. At the maternity and infant hospital, we were given a brief lecture by Maria Green, the head nurse of the hospital, who informed us all about how the hospital is run, what her role is in the hospital, and what improvements were necessary in the hospital. She pointed out to us the need for a better scheduling system for the nurses that would encourage more nurses to work at the hospital, as opposed to the other 3 private hospitals they were competing with.

In the afternoon we went to lunch at the Evita museum restaurant. After our lunch we took a brief trip to the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens, and then ventured back to the museum where we took a tour. The tour taught us about Evita Perón, the first lady and wife of Juan Perón, and her recognition of a symbol of hope to many people at the time. While her and her husband were not liked by some, Evita contributed to the advancement of womens rights, specifically their right to vote. She also founded a foster care for women, which now serves as the museum.

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