Day 11: The Big Day is Finally Here!!!

Presentation day had arrived! I had alarms set from 8:40-9:15 am so I wasn’t late. After a nice shower, I grabbed some breakfast and headed towards the University of Augsburg for our final presentation prep. We practiced twice before getting lunch, then once more after. Then it was time for the real thing. Our team, Faurecia, went first because one of our members had to go to the hospital. She was alright, so don’t panic. In my opinion, we went nailed it. Considering how little information we were given, we worked together as a team, handled the pressure and gave a great presentation. All that was left was to watch everyone else. We all did great, and I enjoyed every presentation. I can tell everyone tried their best and pulled together to give a polished performance.

I couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with. Thank you guys!!!

After we finished, Ravi and I went to get chocolate at a local super market called Rewe. We came back and got ready to go the goodbye dinner. We got dressed, grabbed our gifts, and were ready to go. We headed to a ratskeller to meet the German students. My group unfortunately wasn’t able to sit with our German students, so we decided to give them their gifts before dinner. The German students really liked the three Pitt shirts and Pitt accessories. We thanked them again for their help, and it was time for dinner to commence. 

On the menu, there was schnitzel, Mac and Cheese, a vegetarian option, and another I can’t remember. I ordered the schnitzel with a side of fries. A majority of everyone else got the schnitzel also. 

I was still hungry after my meal, so I finished someone else’s (Steph) schnitzel. I then proceeded to eat about half of a Mac and Cheese someone else couldn’t finish. Here are some photos of the aftermath.

We then returned to the hotel to get ready for the next great day.

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