Day 11: Final Presentations and Ratskeller

Today was the day of final presentations. Our group was feeling confident going into this. We had done the research and everything. Our presentation looked clean and neat. We met before lunch to run through it and see how it went. For the most part it went well. One thing that we had to work on was the timing of the presentation to meet the constraint of 20 minutes total. But we were able to shave down some sections while maintain a jam packed content presentation. We were feeling good about our presentation so we got lunch before the final presentation. Lunch was good but even though I was confident in us, I was still a little nervous. However, once we started to give the presentation, everything seemed to flow very nicely and clean. I felt like we had all the content we needed to have (and some more even) while maintaining a healthy balance between the different areas of requirements. We may have gone a bit over the allotted time, but I’m okay with that. It must mean we had a lot to say! Overall, I thought that the presentation went very well and was satisfied with our result. I really enjoyed working with the German students on this project.

It felt good to have this big presentation done with. Afterwords, I felt relaxed and it caused me to reflect on the days that I spent in Germany and how much I have enjoyed them. There were some stressful times (aka having to make our first presentation in 1 hour) and a lot of really amazing experiences, but the awesome thing is that I learned from each and every of those experiences. If I could, I would do the entire trip over and over again.

To celebrate we got dinner at the Ratskeller with everyone. I got the schnitzel and, personally, I thought it tasted like McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Maybe I was just having a weird taste bud kinda day but really, if I closed my eyes, you could have told me I was eating McDonald’s. Despite this one meal that I was not a fan of, most of the German food has been very good. You can read about how much I rave about the food in most of the other blogs I’ve written, so don’t think that I just don’t like German food because of this one meal. But the atmosphere of the place was great since it was underneath the city hall of Augsburg and we were able to sit with the German students and have interesting conversations. I’m going to miss them and hope that they come to the United States to visit. They were quite possibly my favorite part of this program and I really thought that it was awesome how much of the German culture I was able to be exposed to because of them. It was truly an immersive experience and that beats any site visit that you can do in the world.

(The cover photo of our team was taken during the Continental visit, not today. I was not able to post it then, so I am posting it today)

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