Day 9: New Design Academy and More

Day 9 first saw us travel to the New Academy of Design in Verona. Driving to the academy we again got a grand view of the Swiss alps. It seems like the whole time we have traveled around Italy the Alps have continued to follow us, displaying the true grandeur of such an iconic mountain range. Learning about the academy, it was interesting to see a school solely devoted to design across three diverse spectrums, web design, fashion design, and interior design. The interior design projects for the competition that New Academy showed us were definitely visually impressive. Both rooms looked chique and well done, tying in both the history of Hamburg (the city they chose to create the buildings) and artistic design. I remember that the one room had tons of plants everywhere, and I wonder if these plants were supposed to be real or fake. Although a cool aesthetic, real plants would be a pain to maintain and run the risk of making the room smell like mulch. Conversely, plants would look kind of tacky. I remember the other design had a bed that was raised off of the ground on a platform, which may run the risk of falls at night to clumsy patrons. This made me realize that while designs may look cool, they might not always be the most practical.

The fashion designs displayed at the Academy were also super cool, and I loved how the designers got to explain their creative inspirations and rational behind their dresses. I remember the one designer saying that she did tons of research on Karl Lagerfield in order to find inspiration for her dress. Ironically, I thought this was the ugliest dress solely due to the color green that she used.

The other location we visited today was the Mero and More consortium. This place was interesting but in my opinion, the fact that we had to use Luca as a translator for what was being told to us made it a bit difficult to follow along with the presentation. Nonetheless, it was worthwhile to learn ways in which smaller fashion companies are banding together in Italy to form stronger consortiums.


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