Déjà vu in Milan

Today, we said goodbye to Verona. We boarded a coach bus and started our lengthy trip back to Milan. We had three company visits scheduled for the way back. The first was about 30 minutes from Verona with Grupo Sinergia. This company is a warehouse that sells their clients products online, similar to Amazon. The company focuses on business to business and business to customer sales. They outsource delivery to third-party courier services to minimize cost. The warehouse appeared to be well-organized. There were boxes and crates everywhere with barcode-labeled packages. Unsurprisingly, we were told to not touch anything. A lot of the process is automated, like selecting optimal box sizes, but some of the process, like applying labels to boxes is still manual. 

The next company visit was Sartoria Cavour. This company is a suit producer for brands like Ralph Lauren. It was relatively empty for our visit because production for the next season has not started yet. We got to touch different fabrics, ranging from silk to bamboo. Seeing the process of actually putting a suit together was amazing. There are a lot of pieces that need to be sewn together to create a high-quality suit. Seeing how everything was hand-made was also fascinating.

On the way to the final company, we stopped at an old bridge for photos. The bridge looked over a small town and restaurants. The restaurants looked over a lake with three swans. It was a nice break to stretch out our legs and walk around, but this was easily one of the most beautiful sights from the entire trip.

The final company visit was MF1, a producer for brands like Gucci. We got to see the large sewing machines and how they work. We got to see the large warehouse filled with fabrics and yarns so that the production process could be shortened to its absolute minimum. It is not uncommon for brands or celebrities to make last-minute requests. One example is a pair of pants for Madonna. MF1 had two days to create pants that required 3,000 hours of labor. Through collaboration and organization, they managed to finish the pants. We also got to tour the three-year fashion school at MF1 and see a few student sketches. Last, we toured the archives and saw many designer pieces, like one of Versace’s last designs before his death. Overall, the company visits today were amazing. It was a great look into efficiency and cost-cutting techniques while still providing high-quality services.

Finally, we took the bus back to the original hotel in Milan. We got dinner at a nearby appertivo, which has many appetizer foods in a buffet, and then went back to the hotel to rest. Tomorrow would be our first real chance to sleep in.

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