Evita & Final Presentations Already??

Yesterday was our last day of site visits and museums. The group split in half and went to two different public hospitals. My group went to a maternity public hospital just outside of Buenos Aires. I thought this hospital was really cool, and the head nurse who spoke to us had lots of information about the hospital in general and what she does specifically. After meeting back up with the other group and discussing both hospitals, we went to lunch then followed with free time in the Botanical Gardens. We spent the time enjoying all the greenery and even taking some linkedin pictures. After, we went to the Evita Museum which is a museum dedicated to Eva Perone. Evita was a huge political figure in the late 1940s and she was married to the President of Argentina. In her time in the spotlight, she was dedicated to helping Argentines, especially women and children. Her legacy can be seen throughout Buenos Aires, but since she focused so much on women and children, especially those who were poor, I think her legacy can especially be seen in the women and children hospitals throughout the area including the one we saw yesterday. Also, she established the Evita Foundation which was dedicated to helping working women and especially children, mainly focused on helping the poor with either a place to live or resources to help live a better life. This legacy is very clearly seen throughout our site visits in the public system. Many primary care centers we visited placed a large emphasis on helping children whether it be physically by eating good meals, with after school homework help, or socially by interacting with other children. Also, we visited many maternity hospitals that’s primary focus is women and children, just as Eva focused on.

            Today was our final full day, even though we aren’t leaving until 3:30pm tomorrow. We had our final presentations. My group set the tone by going first, followed by the other three. Although I was present for all of the same site visits and lectures, I thought it was really interesting to hear all of the other groups thoughts and observations about their topics. I was drawn in by all three and presented one, so the morning flew by. After, we had our last group lunch, followed by free time where two of my friends and I walked around our neighborhood of Recoleta, shopping and exploring. Our last group dinner involved a walk, but we ended up finding the best sunset of the trip and we all took many pictures. Tomorrow we are visiting the Recoleta Cemetery where Eva Peron is actually buried! It’ll be cool to see her grave after going to her museum and learning about her. I still can’t fully process that tomorrow is already departure day. Until then, one last time!

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