Presentations and The Final Meal

Disclaimer: I am still unable to post pictures; I apologize.

Today was our final day in the country before our bus ride back tomorrow, so you must be wondering what brilliant, exciting things I did to wrap up my time in Korea. Did I go back to the beach, did I visit another street market, did I take some time to get one last Korean meal of my choosing? Well, no. I did none of these. I got out of bed around noon, walked to Subway for a meatball marinara sub, and climbed back into bed, where I enjoyed my last day in the comfort of a Korean hotel. “You never know when you’ll be back,” you might be saying, or, “you could have done so much with the time you had left.” My answer is, yes, you are correct. However, I am tapped out. I am ready to be home. I am exhausted.

With that being said, we did have our final presentations this evening, which meant at least one more instance of interacting with Korean culture. Our business idea, Trash, is a crowdsourcing app in the style of Waze to find trashcans, because for all of the great things there are about Korea, a major downside is the severe lack of trashcans in the street. Supposedly the government is reluctant to install public trash cans because they levy a tax on Korean consumption that could be avoided by citizens constantly using public trashcans, but I digress. The point is that there are no trashcans anywhere, and we wanted to make it easier to find them. It’s a simple, niche concept, but it could work. Dr. Yun and Dr. Clark certainly seemed to enjoy our presentation, so I’ll assume they thought so too.

Finally, I had my last Korean meal. I will miss having the option to eat Korean food. I can’t honestly say that I am in love with it, but it’s definitely different, and sometimes even delicious. Tonight it certainly was delicious; there were various types of sushi, meat, rice, noodles, fruit; if you can imagine it, it was there. I’m glad I got to have such an incredible final meal in Korea; the bus ride tomorrow will be a great time to reflect more on the other aspects of the country that most impacted me.

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