Presenting in Ireland on Workday

Today we had an amazing presentation by IDA Ireland about foreign Direct Investment and the ways they encourage companies to come to Ireland to establish headquarters and EMEA global HQ’s.

The Pros: With Foreign Investment Ireland is able to increase their small population since the famine and bring it up above 8 Million. Additionally with foreign Direct Investment, Ireland is able to increase it’s recognition among European countries by being recognized as the capital for EMEA and large business HQ’s. They also retain English speaking business in the EU from Britian after Brexit.

The Cons are that the foreign businesses will disincentivise local startups and have foreign companies compete with Ireland companies. Also, Ireland companies workforces and potential entrepenuers will most likely work at foreign companies in Ireland instead.

Overall IDA Ireland is beneficial for the country. And Enterprise Ireland helps balance the work of IDA.

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