Day 10: The Ultimate Stair Master

768 steps. That was how many steps I was going to climb at the highest church clock tower in the city of Ulm. Together we all walked to the train station and departed for another city. As soon as we got there we headed directly to the clock tower. After we bought our tickets, some people were eager to be in the front and race to the top. Other people were timid and not quite as eager. I was somewhere in the middle.

Not only was it dark in the beginning section, but also the stairs were spiraled so most people got a little dizzy. At first I was walking with Alex, who does not do great with heights. Ravi decided ask her question on top of question to distract her. I began to get a little ahead and ended up walking the rest of the way up with Steph. There was one major landing that everyone took a break on before climbing the very small, narrow final steps to the top. We pushed through and got the final steps over with. The view at the top was amazing. It was slightly hard to enjoy it due to the exhausting walk up and the small crowded space that most of us were trying to fit on.

Following the steps, we met our tour guide David outside of the church. There was not a large amount of time, so we did a slightly quickened version. I enjoyed hearing about the history of the church and was most interested to see the metal layout of Ulm that really shows how the church is in the center and all the other smaller houses surround it. Another interesting thing I learned was the Ulm is called the City of Contrast. They have a great combination of new and old infrastructure that is seen randomly dispersed throughout the town.

As the tour continued we got to see so many interesting parts of Ulm. The area where the Danube flows through the city was beautiful and all of the small traditional homes were so interesting to see. David wrapped up the tour and took us to our Crepe restaurant for dinner. These crepes were not exactly what I was expecting. At home they normally wrap the toppings up in the thin pancake. At this restaurant they delivered us very large, flat plates that had the toppings laid on top. It resembled a pizza except, my mozzarella chicken, tomatoes and cheese were placed in the middle. We finished dinner we a home made vanilla and strawberry cake for Eamonn’s birthday.

This afternoon was exactly like the day before. The Audi group met in the lobby, we grabbed a snack and headed to the University. Our presentation was coming together and everyone knew exactly what there role was. We worked until around 7:30 and immediately took the tram to Murdock’s for dinner with members of some other groups. There was plenty more work that I wanted to do on the presentation, so once we got back to the hotel I went to my room to begin practicing and checking over all the slides. It was an early night for everyone in order for everyone to be refreshed and ready for the day of presentations.

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