Day 11: Audi Presentation

After two very long days of work, it was finally time to present on our specific company. Although I enjoyed working with the German students on the first presentation, it was clear that there were some barriers with our methods of work. A normal presentation in Germany varies greatly from what would be expected from me at home.

We decided to meet at 10am in order to have plenty of time to practice the presentation. I was getting very nervous that all of our hard work would not pay off if the presentation did not go well. After two run throughs, we gave each other advice and made minor adjustments to our slides. It was nearing 11:30 so we went through the whole presentation one more time, before meeting everyone else for lunch.

I was nervous because I was doing the introduction and was trying to learn how to pronounce “Vorsprung durch Technik” in German. I continued to repeat it ti Editha and Fiona, so I felt like I finally had it down.

Our whole Audi group sat together, so we were really beginning to bond over more than just the presentation. The three German students in my group were all very different, but I got to know them all which was very exciting. It was time to meet everyone else and start the presentations. I was chosen to go pick a number from Dr. Feick. My whole group wanted to go first, but I picked number four. Our group got into a huddle led by Ryan, who was hyping our all group up for the presentation. The German students were very confused, but went with it. After we were all excited we took our seats to hear the first group.

I was so impressed with every groups presentation. There was a clear progression in these presentations compared to the first day. My group finally went and I was so proud of everyone. Fiona was still worried about presenting, but worked so hard practicing that no one could tell when she went up. My group was prepared for questions and were asked about numerous different parts of Audi. Joe and Ryan took most of the engineering related questions, while Alex and I answered more of the business oriented questions. There was one presentation left for the day and then every felt a sigh on relief that we all finished the majority of the work for this trip.

Later in the evening we had our farewell dinner at Rathskeller with all the German students. I sat with two German students, Freddie and Anna who I had not had the chance to talk to yet. Freddie and I talked for a while and then when he asked me about my hometown I was shocked that he knew what I was talking about. His family lived in Poolesville, which is where my grandparents lived for many years. He started taking about River Rd. which was so weird to here someone talk so naturally about the area I live. This dinner was one of my favorite dinners and I was very glad that I had the chance to get to know Freddie and Anna!

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