One Last ‘Pura Vida’

While the coffee industry is mostly streamlined in the way to make and grow coffee innovation is still possible. ICafé is always experimenting with new species and hybrids of coffee. They are able to explore new possible plants that will have better resistance against rust and other diseases. Coffee farms are also experimenting with different varieties of coffee to try producing new coffee blends that they can sell at higher prices. The banana plantation may not be designing any new processes with how they produce bananas but they are trying to use natural fertilizers and create their own fertilizers, which coffee farmers do as well. They also are looking for ways to recycle the plastic they use, by melting it down and using it again. The constant attempts at innovation specifically in relation to sustainability, I have definitely seen how much of a difference these plantations are making. It also really nice to see the emphasis on sustainability through out the entire country. All in all, both banana and coffee plantations are figuring out ways to innovate on products that have pretty concrete processes.

The processing mills for coffee are finding new ways to use renewable energy to take the coffee beans and get them ready to be roasted. They are using hydroelectric power and using waste from other aspects of their plantation in order to generate heat and power that is sustainable. The processing mills use the wood from the coffee trees and the parchment from the coffee beans as sources of fuel for their ovens in order to use any of their waste products they can. Exports are also trying to make sure that they sell all of their coffee, even if it might be partially under ripe or not if the highest quality. Someone will be able to use it for some coffee related product so they work hard not to waste any of their product and innovate upon it.

Companies like Café Britt are creating new ways to innovate coffee into different coffee. They are using coffee beans in chocolate and creating other products related to chocolate covered fruit and other products. They have also created products that are paired with a charitable organization to give buyers a good feeling when they purchase their product. The consumers are able to donate to charity and buy coffee at the same time. They are also creating coffees that are specifically come one region or province. This allowed the customers to feel a connection to the coffee they are buying. Stores are also creating other products that are related to coffee like mugs and t-shirts. They have created tourist items that many people buy, so they have expanded upon just producing coffee. They also sell their coffee in airports so that people will buy it on their way out of the country. Café Britt has also created espresso machines and coffee pods to expand on the coffee market. The espresso machine allows people to brew their own good cup of coffee at home. They are a companies that is expanding upon coffee and creating other products to build a brand that is not just all about coffee.

Customers are able to help company design and improve upon their existing products through providing the coffee with feedback. Through feedback and customer reviews customers are able to influence what their favorite brands produce. Some companies also have options that allow them to suggest new products that the company can produce. Through reviews and suggestions the customer is able to innovate and design their own products.

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