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May 15th

The most important day has finally come! Today we presented our company analyses to Dr. Feick, Arielle, Sonja, and the rest of the students. We had breakfast at the hotel, and after a bit of a delay, the SGL group was finally on the tram to the university. The German students in our group were already waiting for us, and once we arrived we made some last minute changes to our presentation. We gave ourselves around a half an hour to rehearse our lines before we did our first run through of the day.

Our time was a little short of 20 minutes, but we all had some points we could add, and we could all speak a little slower. With some key revisions we did another run through, and we were pretty close to where we wanted to be.

After that we rushed to our last meal at the Mensa, where I had some carrot soup and some salad. We all ate relatively quickly, and went back to the business building to make sure our presentation would work on the projector.

My last lunch at the Mensa 🙁

Surprisingly we were the first ones in the room, and luckily, we had no issues connecting to the projector with Anna’s laptop. Dr. Feick had one person from each group pick a piece of paper with a number to decide the order of the presentations, and SGL got third out of the five groups. I did my best to pay attention to the two groups who went before us, but I was also pretty focused on making sure I knew my lines and didn’t forget any details. Finally, it was SGL’s turn, and Ravi kicked it off with a stellar introduction.

My part was towards the end, I talked about how SGL drives its product innovation, from having multiple innovation departments, to cooperation with a range of companies, and through research in the labs we visited on our tour. I was pretty nervous, but I think I did a good job of breathing and speaking slowly, and I mentioned every detail I was supposed to. I was very relieved when we were finished, now we could finally just relax without worrying about the presentation anymore. At the end of the three and a half hours of presentations, I was pretty impressed by everyone, all the presentations were super informative, and thoroughly inspected the future of the companies.

Afterwards, I got some German candy with a euro I had on my campus card, and Jess and I went to the small campus “store” to get Universität Augsburg sweatshirts, or pullovers as they’re called there.

I don’t have a picture in my sweatshirt yet, so here’s one from the university’s website. I got a maroon one!

Then we took the tram back to the Königsplatz, and walked the long way around to a thrift store that one of the German students recommended to us. It was pretty much the same as American thrift stores, but it was a little pricey. One t-shirt with a random logo was €7! Also there was one section that was just full of traditional Bavarian outfits, from the dirndl dresses to the lederhosen. Neither of us got any clothes, but I got an old German magazine for €1,50 because it had some interesting old ads I wanted to look at.

We walked back to the hotel, and had time to change and chill before dinner at the Ratskeller. The SGL group mostly sat together so we could give the German students the gifts we brought from Pittsburgh. I got a Pitt branded tumbler, and gave it to Keisha, and I was glad to find out that she has a small collection that she was glad to add to. I mostly talked to Keisha and Esme about differences in our cultures while we waited for our schnitzel. It wasn’t the best schnitzel I had had in Germany, but it was still pretty good. Keisha convinced me to try my fries with mayo, and it was actually kind of good, but German mayo is definitely better than American mayo.

My schnitzel and fries.

Afterwards we took one last group picture in front of the Rathaus, and went back to the hotel.

Last group photo!


Sadly today I was too busy focusing on the presentation for most of the day to think about looking for a design or sign, but I’m sure I’ll find a good one tomorrow.

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