The Most Elite Makerspace

Today was our last day of visits and I cannot believe it. When I think back to this whole trip it seems like it went by really quickly, but at the same time the first days in Seoul seem so far away and its because of how much we have done. We have been able to experience so many amazing things and our day has been so packed.

So on our last day today we had two visits. Our first one was to the U.S Consulate in Busan. Originally it was supposed to be to a company but because of some timing issue they cancelled and so the consulate very kindly welcomed us to visit. It is actually the smallest U.S. Consulate. The Consul of the consulate Daniel Gedacht kindly had taken the time out of his day to speak to us. He went through the day to day operations of his job and about Korean ties with the U.S. and other nations. He is there to promote close ties between the U.S. and Korea and is often present at conferences and meetings to show the U.S. interest and cooperation with Korea. He also talked to us about the tension between Korea and Japan and how him and the consulate is really trying to bring harmony between them. Ever since Japan invaded and took control of Korea there has been a bad relationship between them. This stems from Japan’s mistreatment of the Korean people especially the women and the people forced into labor. Korean people do not think Japan has owned up to their atrocities and has not apologized while Japan feels the opposite. The Consul is hoping for the countries to move on from this problem and formed a prosperous relationship between them.

After listening to his insightful presentation about the Korean government and his involvement we headed to lunch. We were on our way to Pusan National University and grabbed lunch nearby. We had this delicious chicken that was in a good sauce with rice.

After we all ate we went to the university. We had a short presentation about it and then we had a lecture about North Korea. I thought it was really interesting because I have never truly learned about North Korea just read about it in news and such. The professor went through North Korea’s believes and what country it is. After separating from South Korea is closed down its borders and has now become a industrialized underdeveloped country. This is the only country like that and currently its main problem is to survive. The country is very militairzed and has a large military which uses about 20% of the countries budget. North Korea’s ultimate mission is to gain control of all of Korea and turn it into a communist country and its plan to do that is to increase its military power, that being through a large army or Weapons of Mass Destruction.

After the interesting lecture we received a quick tour of the University. It is located on a hillside and is thus very steep. We mainly toured around in our bus but was lucky enough to go into their engineering department and see their makerspace. Their maker space was so incredibly nice and makes the Pitt one look tiny. It had separate rooms for all types of different materials and had a ton of 3D printers, one of them included a massive one that they even used to print a small coffee table and a stool. I was honestly very jealous and wish our makerspace was this nice.

A Massive 3D Printer
Pusan National University

Once the tour was over it was time to head back to the hotel and we were now finally done with the visits. All the visits have been so great but now I am happy to be done. We do not leave until Saturday so now we have free time except for our going away dinner tomorrow. With our remaining free time of the day a group of us went into Haeundae Beach and walked around there. After enough exploring for us we headed back to the hotel and went to bed.

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