Day 12: What a day Today Was

Another action-packed day in Busan is upon us. We started our day today with a visit to the company Trainor who specialized in training certifying workers in electrical engineering. We were given a presentation by the manager of the Trainor branch in Busan about what Trainor did and why it is important in the busy port city of Busan. He gave his viewpoints as to why the training and certification process was important for engineers looking to work at facilities like Hyundai Heavy Industries plant or the Hyundai Motors plant in Busan. Electrical engineering is becoming a huge part of society and having the proper skills and training in this industry can enhance your work and keep you safe. Trainor is a Norwegian company so it is still trying to gain some of the market share in Korea. Our presenter was Swedish, however, so it was interesting to hear his point of view on things. We took a group photo at Trainor and then headed on our way to the Busan New Container Terminal. This was by far one of the best visits we went on. The CEO, who was from North Carolina, was kind enough to give us a a decent portion of his time and explain what he does and answer all of our questions. BNCT is an innovative port because it was built differently from how all other ports have been built. Its layout was a vertical system opposed to a horizontal system regularly used at ports. The vertical system makes the dropping off, picking up, and loading of containers onto trucks and ships faster and more efficient. BNCT was probably the only place where we learned about smart systems. They cranes used to move containers in the vertical system were all operated by computers. The truck drivers would scan a card and the cranes would know where the container they were dropping off would go and which container they were picking up. The cranes would load the containers and pick them up automatically which was super cool. BNCT was working at max capacity, but has so much more room for expansion and innovation in the port of Busan. The CEO showed us the control room where we could see the whole property and the massive operation that they had going on. This was our last stop and we took the bus back to the hotel after the visit. I jumped onto my bed when we got back and took a nap until dinner time. A few of us ventured out tonight and found some Korean BBQ restaurant and ate there. The street it was on was filled with many stores so we shopped around and finished off the night buying some souvenirs .

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