Final Blog Post: Goodbye Ireland

Sadly, our trip to Ireland has come to an end and I am currently typing this from my kitchen table in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania. When looking back at the past few weeks, I know I will always remember this trip and be able to look back on it my whole life. I’m thankful that I had this opportunity to meet new people, learn about business in a different country, and see beautiful and exquisite sites. I have many pictures from this trip that I can look back on, but they don’t do justice to the actually memories.

The first thing I’m extremely grateful for that this trip gave me is 14 new friends. I came into this trip being quite nervous because I didn’t know anyone that well. But after bonding over the cancelled flight from Charlotte to Dublin and getting to know each other more everyday, I feel that I could now call everyone on that trip my friend. I will never forget the experiences with this group from site visits, accidentally hiking up a mountain, to talking all night in our apartments. Saying goodbye was definitely hard, but I’m glad to be able to say I’ll see everyone next fall in the business school at Pitt.

Another thing I will be able to take away from this trip is our site visits to different companies and learning about how business is done in Ireland. It was very interesting to see the different companies in Ireland and I look forward to hopefully traveling in the future for business reasons. I now know the difficult part of trying to balance business between site seeing and would be able to take that into future careers.

Lastly, something I will never forget is how beautiful Ireland is. I still cannot get over some of the amazing sites we saw on our excursions including Cliffs of Moher, Wicklow Mountains, and Glendalough Lake. These sites were breathtaking and a big reason on why I’d love to go back eventually. I also really enjoyed the towns of Kilkenny and Galway, with their many shops, restaurants, and live music playing on the streets.

After thinking about it, I decided I definitely would want to go back in the future. Whether it’s on business or just for pleasure, I would love to see more places or spend more time in the places we visited. We also learned that Ireland is a growing economy so being able to do business there in the future could be a great opportunity. Overall, I’m very thankful I have gotten this chance to study business in Dublin, Ireland and was able to see many beautiful sites along way while making life long friends.

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