I Dreamt an Irish Dream

Well, I’ve been home for a little less than 24 hours from my journey through Ireland. My initial feelings last night, when I finally made it back to Pittsburgh, were simply “at least we made it”. The journey home went about as smoothly as our journey to Ireland, full of delays. American Airlines is not one of my favorite companies right now. All that aside, as I start to decompress, I realize I’m equally sad and happy to be back stateside.
Our time in Ireland was stressful and sometimes chaotic but altogether it was an amazing trip. There are so many positives to this trip that they far outweigh any perceived negatives. I’m jet-lagged and kind of cranky today, but it was totally worth it; from the amazing stretch of beautiful weather to the sights of the cliffs of Moher and Glendalough, and fantastic experiences we had touring Irish businesses like Food Cloud. I couldn’t have asked to travel with a better group of people, even though some days I wanted to strangle them all, through the highs and lows of the trip I feel as though we all bonded on some level.
The things I take away from the trip at the deepest level are the things I learned about myself. I’m not going to write a love letter to myself here but I do want to say that this trip taught me a lot about who I am and what I want, and I can say for sure that working on an International level is where I want to be. Despite the hardships of travel, I know now for certain I that want to see the world. There is a weariness that comes with being on the road, but I’m up for the challenge, I simply need to explore!
I don’t know when, but I do know for sure that I will return to Ireland, next time I hope to have my girlfriend, Sarah, by my side so we can adventure through the countryside together. I’d also like to venture up North to Belfast next time as well, especially since they have a Game of Thrones tour, talk about a dream! This will be my last blog post and I can’t say I’m sad to be finished with them, but it is nice that I will always have these entries to look back on in fond remembrance of my time in Ireland!

Final thought: It’s the journey that’s important.

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