The Moderate Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is exactly that, great. It was about fifteen feet wide and 50 feet tall. But what is most interesting about the Wall is how many stones it took to build it. It must have taken billions of stones to build it. The Wall went up and down extremely steep mountains and went far beyond the horizon. I can’t even imagine how much labor, money and time must have been put into building it. I mean each individual stone had to have been carried across hundreds of kilometers and hauled up a 300 meter mountain, just for one stone! The Great Wall was completely breathtaking, but I like to call it the Moderate Wall of China as a cheap joke.

Later in the afternoon we went to the Summer Palace which I liked even more than the Great Wall. Even though it was filled to the brim with tourists you could still experience the beauty of the architecture. The corridor on the lakefront was one of the best walks I have taken in my life. There was a cool breeze coming from across the lake and it was shimmering in the afternoon light. There were people on small boats on the lake and I next time I come I will defiantly be riding on one.

For dinner we all ate at a hot pot restaurant. I have never eaten at one of these places before so I was nervous to try it but it turned out to be one of the best meals so far. To eat, you use your chopsticks (which I still suck at using) to bring small slices of meats and veggies into a boiling bowl of water. Because the meat is so thin it cooks in a matter of seconds and after its cooked you toss it into a bowl filled with a mystery sauce. The whole meal was a blast and it was absolutely yummy.

My favorite part of the day came after dinner. When I travel, I really love to get out of my comfort zone so wandering around new cities is my favorite activity to do in the whole wide world. Me and two of my buddies, John Christiano and Jake Hanzlik, went and walked around the city looking for some action. We walked for around and hour and a half, going through interesting neighborhoods and public parks. The public parks were very impressive because they were so well maintained. The paths were nice and there were a lot of people using them even at ten at night. The best part of my entire day was when we ran into a large group of people dancing in the park. They were dancing to relaxing music and it had the feel of doing yoga in the park even though we were in downtown Beijing. The first day in China was a blast and I hope everyday is going to be as action packed as this.

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