Day 12 – New Swan Stone Castle

May 16th, 2019

Day 12 marks the last day that all 20 of us would spend the day together until departure on Saturday! It’s sad to think that the trip is so close to over and we’d be flying home so soon! 🙁

Today we had multiple destinations to visit and many things to see. To start, a traditional Bavarian breakfast. To get there we departed at 8:30 to the town of Baindlkirch on the bus. The ride wasn’t too long ( only about a half hour) so there wasn’t enough time to sleep. When we arrived, all you saw was farm land and a small little building in the middle of it all. The parking lot was packed with cars and was clearly a popular spot. The breakfast was only available on Thursdays, making it as popular as it is. When we walked in, I was hit with a strong smell of sausage (a little too strong to be honest) and it didn’t go away until we left. But let me tell you, the smell was worth it because of how good the breakfast was! We ate traditional Bavarian sausage that came in a large bowl in one long link and classic pretzels! All of us sat together on long benches and ate! We weren’t there for long since we had to make it to our next stop!

The second bus ride was nap time. The ride was about an hour to our next destination : Wieskirche. Wieskirche or “the church in the field” was plopped in the middle on endless farm land and surrounded by only a few small souvenir shops. I had no idea we were going here since I hadn’t checked the pocket guide this morning so when I woke up and didn’t see Neuschwanstein I was a little confused. But, even though it wasn’t what I thought it definitely was worth the trip. This church was on top as one of my favorites. Unlike most of the churches we had visited the past two weeks, this one was filled with natural light and color. All the walls were painted with amazing images and had beautiful marble columns all around. You wouldn’t expect something so detailed and unique in the middle of a field. After the short tour of the church inside, we even got a sneak peak of some cows and chickens which was just a bonus to this pit stop on the way to Neuschwanstein!

Next up, the main attraction of the day – touring Neuschwanstein. This is one of the things we heard most about before even getting to Germany from the students from last year, Dr. Feick, and Arielle. It is also one of the things we saw the most pictures of before the trip! I was excited to get to see the original Cinderella castle in real life. When arriving at Neuschwanstein, we had a little bit of free time to walk around, shop for some souvenirs, and spend time by the water. Neuschwanstein sat on top of a gigantic hill — one that we were about to walk up. After the steps at Ulm, a little hike up the hill seemed like nothing. Turns out the hike is around 2 miles, but the view from the top is totally worth it! We had plenty of time to take in the views from all angels before our tour. Their were pretty mountain sides and also views out to the fields. We used all our time taking pictures and taking it all in! We only had a little walk to get to the courthouse of the castle. I expected this tour to be a lengthy one based on the size of the castle, but turns out there were only 8 rooms we’d get to see. This made the tour about a half hour. While it was interesting seeing the room that King Ludwig used for the 172 days he lived there, my favorite part was definitely the view after the tour. Dr. Feick had taught us almost everything we needed to know before arriving, so the tour was just about the rooms for me!

After exiting the castle through souvenir shops, we walked even further up the hill to a bridge to get the perfect view of the castle. The bridge looked out onto the whole castle and the mountain it sat on. Again, the photo opportunities were amazing! Fitting all 20+ of us on the bridge for a group picture was tricky but we did it! As soon as we snapped that picture we headed of the bridge and down the hill to end our time at Neuschwanstein.

The day was not over yet though! We had one more town to visit : Füssen. It wasn’t a far trip and it was such a cute little town! We had just enough time to get gelato (which was delicious) and walk around. This was the last stop of the day before heading back to Augsburg. While there we all were figuring out our plans for tomorrow which was our free day! Most of us were deciding between Salzburg in Austria, returning to Munich, or going to Stuttgart! We made the rest of our plans on the bus ride back!

For dinner, we tried a recommendation from the German students. It was called Beiser Burger. It was down one of the little side streets and close to where we went to dinner on day 2! It was a really tiny place but cute and hipster on the inside. I got a brie and berry burger with French fries that was AMAZING! Definitely one of the favorites meals I had the whole trip! Today was definitely exhausting so finishing the day with a good dinner was ideal!

Tomorrow we had the second half of blogs due, so that was the main thing planned for tonight! Since today was so long, and we had early departure for our free day tomorrow, it was going to be an early night!

Tomorrow: 10 of us are visiting Salzburg in Austria!!!

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