Hump Day in Busan

This Wednesday was just another busy day for us in a busy city.

Trainor Front Desk

We started our day with a company called Trainor—fairly boring. It was a very brief presentation and the best part about this company is that the candies they have for us in their front desk are pretty good. Besides that, not much to talk about here.

Biggest shopping mall in the world?

We got lunch at a restaurant under a shopping mall. I can say with confidence that I have absolutely loved every single Korean meal I have had so far in this trip until today. 

I’d take live octopus over this any day.

I forgot what it was called but the dish was served cold. I stuck my pair of chopsticks into this shivering cold water and realized that the broth was icy! Not only that, but it had no flavor whatsoever. This sad thing of tasteless glass noodles was topped with some soggy veggies, one thin, depressing slice of cold beef, and a weird boiled egg placed hideously on top. It sucked.

We was then given 40 minutes of free time to go wander about in a shopping mall nearby and guess what we saw again on the top floor of the building? More dinosaurs!! The view from the pirate ship was breathtaking.


Afterwards, we visited a shipping company called BNCT. This was a wonderful company and the presentation given by the founder was very intriguing. We got to see the control room and saw the entire operation taking place. It was great to look at and comprehend how a shipyard works. A video is attached below to demonstrate.

A BNCT control room.
A glimpse at a BNCT shipyard in Busan (Video: @emmaahlgren).

The guys in my group went out and got Korean McDonald’s for dinner. I got a Bulgogi Burger and it was very good. Also tonight marked the night when I beat Tilman Cooper at foosball. It felt good.

Finally beating @tilmancooper at foosball 👏🏼

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