Plus3 Korea: Endgame

Friday was a great chill day. After all that craziness, we finally have a day of free time to relax and soak in the beautiful sun shining over the Busan beach of Haeundae. It was also our last real day in Korea, signaling that the end was coming.

I woke up to an alarm of 9am, later than any morning wakes I ever had in Korea. I got myself ready, did some packing, and met up with the friends I was heading to the beach with.

We hailed a cab and he drove us to Haeundae, the sun was shining brighter than ever and the beach was occupied by a perfect amount of people—not too many that it’s noisy and crowded but not too few that it feels dead. Some of us played soccer, some got in the water, while most of us just laid down and enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Haeundae Beach ft. Tilman Cooper

After a few hours, we got hungry so we went down the biggest avenue in the area and found a Thursday Party burger place. Our eyes lit up.

Thursday Specials

I ordered a Thursday Special burger—some sort of fusion between Korean taste and American cuisine. It was a delicious lunch. I myself also bought a watermelon juice drink off a street vendor for KRW 10,000. Was it worth it? Probably not, but a lot of us got dank pictures with it.

KRW 10,000

The entire Plus 3 group gathered up at 5pm and went to a classy buffet place. We therein gave our final presentations and had an insane amount of food. That place was incredible. We gave Dr. Yun and Dr. Clark the cake we bought for them and Dr. Yun gave us personalized presents and handwritten notes in Korean. It took a while for us all to get them translated, but that was very nice of him.

Massive buffet place for our farewell dinner

And that’s our semi-last day in South Korea.

A handwritten note from Dr. Yun

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