The Korean Google?


My favorite company visit so far was Naver – the place we went to today. Naver is like Google but is in fact specifically catered to the Korean community. They have websites and apps that deal with Korean to English translation, a celebrity driven video service, and a search engine that can also be a question and answer source. One division of Naver that was very cool was Clova which would focus on the implementation of smart systems to better the community. For instance, they have a Japanese division called LINE which is a messaging system that has emoticons related to the Japanese culture. Clova specializes applying a smart system to localized human needs and desires. Another example of this type of work is a noise deafening videos in which they remove background noise based on mouth motion and the intensity of the sound waves. All of Clova’s products are quite successful locally and I think it’s cool that they focus on the atmosphere of the Korean and Japanese environment, but I feel it hinders the possibility of globalization.

The company of Naver in general is pretty great because they seem to really care about the application of smart systems to better the community and they care a great deal about their employees. The newer company is definitely shifting the ways of a traditional Korean work environment. From standard 9-5 hours to gym facilities and doctor’s offices available for their 3000 employees, Naver strides to set a better work environment for their staff. The company even holds a public library for the citizens.

At the end of the day after visiting Naver, Minhee invited all of the girls to fried chicken at a local restaurant close to the hotel. Professor Yun told us that is so much better the American style chicken and after trying it, I would have to agree.

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