The American Chamber of Horiba

I woke up this morning well rested and ready for the day ahead of me.  For the first time in almost a week, we were back in business casual attire.  Today, we were vising the American Chamber of Commerce and Horiba.  I got ready and headed downstairs for another breakfast.  Once again, the doughnuts and croissants were delicious!  After breakfast, we boarded the bus for AmCham (The American Chamber of Commerce).

The American Chamber of Commerce was located in the same complex as the acrobatics show was the night before.  Since I haven’t talked about the acrobatics show, it’s time for a quick tangent.  The acrobatics show last night was very entertaining!  It wasn’t purely acrobatics- there were also magic and comedy portions.   Matt, Jake, and Arianna all went on stage!  Okay back to AmCham.  We were greeted by two Americans, one that worked for AmCham and the other actually worked for a PNC branch in Shanghai.  You read that right, I said PNC.  This surprised me because PNC is a regional bank that doesn’t exist in my hometown let alone China.  It turns out PNC doesn’t have a customer base in China, and the branch’s main purpose is to cater to their commercial customers that have divisions in China.  At AmCham, we talked about how China was developing into a world power.  I found the presentation to be very interesting, and I really enjoyed how well the presenters went about presenting.  At the end, they were glad to take any question whether it related to the topic or not, which facilitated great conversations.  The American Chamber of Commerce was my favorite ‘business’ geared company visit of the trip this far, Huawei included. 

After AmCham, we headed to lunch.  This lunch included some of the spiciest foods we had tried thus far which is something I normally wouldn’t enjoy, but this food was delicious.  After lunch it was back on the bus for Horiba.  On the way, I noticed a couple of infrastructure related observations.  For one, they were building a new subway line, which looked like a massive construction project and was very cool to see.  I also noticed that despite being a ‘new’ city, powerlines were all above ground.  I asked Lilianna why this is was, as in the US I couldn’t think of a city with exposed powerlines despite many being much older than Shanghai, and the answer was as follows.  Basically, when Shanghai was constructed, they were extremely eager to build as fast as possible, so above ground lines were the easiest option.  Now, it would be down complex of a job to bury/maintain the power lines so they will stay above ground for the time being. 

After about an hour-long bus ride, we arrived at Horiba.  At last, an engineering-geared visit!  First on the list was a presentation that outlined the company’s history, products, and markets around the world.  Horiba has 5 main sectors; automotive test systems, process and environmental systems, medical-diagnostic systems, semi-conductors, and scientific systems.  For the first time all trip, they actually talked about the technology involved with these sectors!  It was truly great to be able to ask specific engineering/technology questions and get an answer rather than the usual ‘I don’t really know’ that I have received at previous company visits.  After the presentation, it was time for a tour of their facilities.  We saw testing areas, manufacturing areas, and research and development areas.  The personal highlight of the tour to me was when we went to the dynameter section.  As a car nerd, it was very cool to see them testing the power and torque on an engine in one room and a different type of dynameter testing the tolerance of the transmission in the other room. 

Today was my favorite day of the trip so far.  Both company visits were super educational yet interesting.  Until tomorrow!

Us at AmCham. This was a great visit!
Mid lecture at Horiba
One of the ‘clean rooms’ at Horiba

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