Day 13 – Augsburg to Austria

May 17th, 2019

Sad to say it but today is the last day of Plus3 Germany. After two amazing weeks, many city visits, and all the memories we would end our trip with a visit to Salzburg, Austria

We were out the door of the hotel by 6:50 am on our way to the train station. We wanted to ensure that we would have enough time to purchase tickets, find the track, and go to the bathroom just in case! With the extra time while waiting for the train we figured out a way to make sure we would never lose each other. Our count off system consisted of everybody getting a number and when we yelled “role call” everybody had to say their number so we knew we were all there! To get to Augsburg we used a Bayran ticket which is basically a group ticket for five people. We used this on our second train from Munich to Salzburg. We arrived in Munich around 8:30 (just a little before) and needed to transfer to the second train which would be a little bit longer. We managed to get there all in one piece with only a little bit of stress!

There were two things on my mind when we arrived at the train station : where I could get breakfast and where the nearest bathroom was. I found answers to both fairly quickly. We all used the bathroom in the train station, which again we payed for. This is definitely something I won’t miss after returning to the States. After, some of us decided Starbucks was a good move for coffee and a quick snack. We all agreed we didn’t want to waste the very view hours we had in Salzburg on eating so Starbucks was quick and easy! Lauren and I shared a tomato and mozzarella sandwich. I was shocked by how good it was, especially since I don’t really eat at the Starbucks at home! The best part of the whole day so far was the weather! It was beautiful and perfect for touring a new city!

After “breakfast” we walked away from the train station more towards the outside of the city. We didn’t have a super solid plan, but a general idea of what we wanted to do! We walked for about 10 ish minutes until we reached Mirabel gardens! I knew Salzburg was where the Sound of Music was filmed, but had no idea I’d actually get to see parts of it! Sahana told me that the Mirabel gardens was part of the film! Because of the beautiful weather and blue skies, the flowers and fountains were so pretty! Clearly a lot of people were also enjoying the scenery and it seemed like there maybe was an event going on there as well!

Mirabel Gardens

On the other end of the gardens, we followed the crowd of tourists towards our next destination : Hohensalzburg Fortress. We were told this was the spot for the best views of the whole city. Personally, I didn’t know what to expect when we got to the top since I didn’t know too much about Salzburg to begin with. I was excited though! After asking for some help we figured out we needed to take a cable car to the fortress. At the top we got two breathtaking views. On one side, the Alps, and on the other is the entire city of Salzburg. At this point the day just continued to get better and better, with a few strange things happening while at the fortress.

To begin, we had only been at the fortress for a few minutes when I hear somebody say to me “what the heck, you’re here?”. I look over and see a member of my business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. It was the strangest thing to see ANOTHER Pitt student. Marty had just graduated in April and to be in Austria and run into each other was one of the strangest things to ever happen to me!

The fortress was like a completely separate town inside of itself and definitely easy to get lost in! While exploring the inside and not just the view, we stumbled across a string puppet museum. Now puppets don’t normally creep me out, but this was WEIRD. We all thought it was funny, but weren’t eager to hang around looking at puppets for the rest of our time in Salzburg.

We headed to the view of the Alps to wrap up our fortress experience…

The second ride in the cable car, we were back on the ground! Most of us wanted to stop inside the little shops that were back on the ground, so we spent a little time there. I found a bracelet and scarf that I liked and bought! I also got vanilla gelato for the last time of the trip 🙁

Afterward the girls and guys split up for a little before dinner. All of us went back to the Main Street we were on before to go into some stores. The guys went off and explored on their own! We went into H&M , Zara, and somehow Alex and I ended up in a super expensive store, so we didn’t stay there long.

We had planned to go to an Italian restaurant that was only a 10 minute walk from the train station, so after shopping we walked back over the lock bridge toward the train station. When we got the restaurant we planned to meet at, it was CLOSED! So, we looked on our Google maps and found the next closest place which was another Italian restaurant. It was called Pasta and Vino. When we got there we got to sit outside and it was a great end to such a fun day. The waiter said they only had three pasta options, which we all thought was a little weird. Anyway, I ordered a pasta with salmon which was really good! We were all curious as to what the restaurant looked like inside since we saw a lot of fancy looking people come out. Jeff went into look and said it was not what we were expecting. It had a deli on the inside and only a few small tables. The weirder part was when we went into pay, we had to go into the kitchen! Despite it being a weird restaurant, it was delicious and a nice place to end our adventure in Salzburg.

After the restaurant, we all headed back to the train station for a two train rides back to Augsburg. I’m so glad that I got to visit another beautiful country while here, and today was such a fun way to end my two weeks here. Two weeks have flown by, but returning home will be nice!

Tomorrow: Last breakfast at Ibis and early departure to the airport 🙁

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