Shipping in Ulsan

We left the hotel in Gyeongju in the morning and headed for the city of Ulsan. Before we went to the hotel, we went on two company visits. The first company we visited was Jinsan Marine Management. They are a provider for ships, dealing mostly in spare parts and equipment and food for those working on the ship. During the visit we were given a presentation by the president, and then given a tour of the facility. This was one of the smaller companies that we visited, so it was interesting to get a feel for some of the smaller companies in Korea, considering the president who gave us the presentation was also the founder of the company.

The second company we visited that day was Hyundai Heavy Industries. They are the largest shipbuilder in the world, and their massive shipyard was proof enough. We were given a tour of the shipyard, where we had the chance to see ships in construction that were more than 300 yards long, which was incredible to see. Also, we learned that most of the employees that work there also living in apartments they rent from the company, right next to where they work. This is something that the large conglomerates in Korea do that is unique to their country (it is very rare in America).

After our company visits we finally checked in to the hotel in Ulsan, and then had a chance to explore the city. This would be our only night in the city, so I went out to see what there was to do. There were a few large shopping areas, including a crowded street which had a good mix of high-end stores and karaoke places. The next morning we would be leaving Ulsan to go to Busan, which is the second biggest city in Korea.

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