Day 12: That’s a lot of boxes!

Today, as all days, began with a great breakfast of toast and chocolate pastries. Today was very bittersweet since It was the last company visit of the trip and although I miss the states it is definitely sad to be almost done in china. Today’s visit was Yang Shan port, a shipping company which handles a large amount of china shipment. Upon arrival, I saw shipping crates as far as the eye could see and ships filled to the brink with them as well.

Our first stop was the top of a hill which overlooked the entire shipping yard and it was a gorgeous view. It was really amazing to see shipping crates with American brands on them in such large quantity such as the massive abundance of Costco crates. Although this view was amazing, I did get to see a coffee brown ocean surrounding the port. This told me that the company wasn’t very ecofriendly which made sense since the cranes would run on diesel.

Next up was a Q&A session at the company office where we brought up this very point of pollution and they stated that they “cause no pollutants and turn lights off at 10:30pm to reduce light pollution”. While reducing light pollution is good, I do believe that they are endangering the sea life around the port pretty drastically. Other questions addressed how the company deals with bumps in productivity and other questions of the sort. I can say that while Yang Shan port was amazing, the company did not seem to answer most questions completely truthfully and fully. Next up was lunch where we were served turtle, prawn, and an undetermined meat that none of us could really lay a finger on. The food was god but it was a cold meal so that was off-putting. However, the yogurt was fantastic. The final location of our tour was to go visit an actual shipping dock which was extremely interesting. One really cool thing to see was how they transported cars to from the dock to the parking area. The workers all stacked in a large truck and traveled to the end of the dock and then individually each drove back one car to the parking area. Other than this I got to see one of the large cranes and a shipping boat.

To finish out the day, I went to dinner at Boxing Cat Brewery with the rest of the guys on the trip. The restaurant was an American styled burger place with wings, burgers, and many more foods that I missed so much. I ended up getting buffalo wings which were extremely spicy and a burger with chili and bacon on it. This meal was so nice, I had missed American food so much. Don’t get me wrong, Chinese food is absolutely fantastic but a man can only eat so much rice and pork before wanting a little variation. Today was amazing and I’m so sad for this trip to almost be over.

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