Day 7: Terracotta Warriors

Today was our second and last day in Xi’an. We went outside to the city to the Terracotta Warriors Museum first.  The Terracotta Warriors are sculptures that were built to protect the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty in his afterlife.  They were not discovered until the 1990’s when the farmer who owned the land came across them. It has since been turned into a museum that is split up into four parts, the museum and then three pits.  The first pit was full of pieces of the warriors that had all broken apart over time and the final pit had warriors that were fully intact.  Each of the warriors has a unique face and although they are all gray now, they were once brightly colored.  So many of them all different, three pits.  The pits were all very busy but the third one was insane we were all getting pushed and shoved.  Old Chinese ladies are more aggressive than you would think.  The actual tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang was 3 miles away from the museum.  It is believed that the tomb holds even greater treasures but, it has not been excavated because they want to wait until they have the technologies needed to preserve the treasures they expect to find.

For lunch we went to a buffet near the Terracotta Warriors that it seemed like a lot of tourists went to.  The buffet had tons of good food, I think I had three different types of noodles.  They had delicious ramen and Chinese burgers.  When we left the restaurant, we were met with a sandstorm.  We all expected to have to wear masks for pollution we didn’t think the one time we had to wear masks it would be for a sandstorm.  Next, we went biking on the Xi’an city wall which was not the best activity to be doing during a sandstorm.  It was very pretty though with red lanterns hung down the sides.  There were even a few couples taking wedding photos near us.  The wall was eight miles long all the way around.  Me and Nancy only got about three miles in before we decided to turn around and get ice cream instead.  Despite going around the whole wall the guys still got back at pretty much the same time as us.  As we were waiting for rest of the girls, we were all entertained by watching Matt fail miserably at trying to pick up some girls from Norway.

Once we got back to the hotel we were advised not to leave for dinner because of the sandstorm.  Most of us ending up going to the hotel restaurant together for dinner.  The food was one of our favorite meals yet, it had a couple different kinds of soup that were very good.  It is interesting to see what different foods are most popular in each city.  Tomorrow we are going on the bullet train again to travel to Shanghai which I am super excited for.  I think Shanghai will be my favorite city on the trip.

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