A Final Word – Ni Howdy!!

This trip has been the experience of a lifetime and I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity to travel across the world and explore everything that China has to offer. Starting in Beijing and learning about the history of this country while experiencing the capital of the largest city in the world was incredible. Then traveling to Xi’an on the bullet train and witnessing more of the country side and a smaller city allowed me to better appreciate the magnitude and diversity of this country as whole. And to conclude the trip by exploring the biggest city in China, Shanghai was unbelievable. Overall, this trip is something that I will never forget, I will cherish the lessons that I’ve learned and the knowledge that I’ve gained with me throughout the rest of my time at Pitt and into my career. 

Throughout this trip we visited many companies including Huawei, AmCham, VipKid, and Horiba. While on these tours I learned quite a bit about doing business in China, the cellphone industry, and the contrasting economies between the U.S. and China. 

As a business student and future business woman there are many ethical issues within my profession that have been and need to be addressed. Within businesses, fairness, justice, and honesty are three main factors that should be taken into consideration when looking at the ethicalness of any decision. The biases that can be present whether conscious or not are very prominent in the business world today. Along with that, discrimination with pay in any career has become a topic of discussion in recent years as well. This trip exposed me to the varying aspects of each different company which allowed me to enhance my knowledge as a whole. By simply studying marketing and finance on this trip (my majors) I would not have been provided with the diverse education that I received by learning about engineering practices, economics, education, supply chain, and much more. This type of experience provided me with such a wealth of knowledge of not only the companies but of the Chinese culture all together. Exposing myself to such a different culture and learning about their varying ways of life was incredibly interesting. This trip inspired me to continue travelling throughout college and beyond because I feel that the knowledge I’ve gained is so valuable.

With my experience at Pitt so far and my time spent in China, the social environment of professional life can be anything you make it. For some, it’s simply going into work every day and interacting with coworkers. Yet for others, its forming strong connections and accomplishing goals together while putting aside differences. When comparing the social environment of some of the companies we visited while in China, many of them vary tremendously.  For me, however, I believe it’s important to remain professional at all times but also allow yourself to have some fun and build friendships with your coworkers in order to work together as a team. Something that comes up a lot not only in school but in the professional world as well, is learning how to function on multi-disciplinary teams. This can play a major role in the social environment of any professional team.  Even for me as a student, I got the opportunity to work with engineers and business students in different majors while completing our project abroad. It’s crucial to value the diversity in knowledge that others bring to the table because they can present insight and ideas that another may not have thought of. Teams with individuals who have varying educations and educational levels allow for more success due to the diversity in perspectives and interests. 

Overall this experience was incredible and something I will never forget. I’ve learned so much about myself, China, and how businesses function all over the world. For me, this knowledge is so valuable, and I’m excited to continue learning and growing each and every day. I’m so thankful for everyone who made this life-changing trip possible! 

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