Cold Noodles and Containers: Wednesday May 15th

The first visit today was to Trainor Korea, and at first it was really hard to tell what the company was from the website. But we sat through a presentation and learned that its a consulting company that provides training for construction workers and specifically in electrical safety. Their main goal is safety of these workers and to bring down injury and death rates in the industry. It’s been said that 85% of accidents are from preventable human error and are mostly from working at heights and from traffic conditions. 98% of electrical explosions can be prevented. 

The presentation was very informative but I wasn’t a 100% sure that it really pertained to smart systems. Their technology mostly evolves around online classes which is very common for educationally purposed companies. The company was 17th floor of a building and on the ground floor we ate lunch. We all had cold noodles, which is basically cooked noodles in like a broth and ice. Haha, Hamin got a lot of criticism for ordering that for us all. It was’t my favorite but I eat through it. We had 40 minutes or so of free time so a lot of us went to a department mall nearby and it was kind of like a huge Macy’s inside. There were like 5 or 6 floors in the section we were in and sold a lot of clothes and anything Macy’s would sell. It was pretty pricey too. But the fashion here is so nice, its so very Korean. 

Our next company visit was to Busan New Container Terminal. Busan is the 5th largest port in the world so seeing a container terminal that has a lot of advanced technologies for high scale processes was really cool. A lot of the entire process is fully robotic and and automatic so it’s very efficient to get the containers off trucks and onto ships and vice versa, but there’s constant maintenance. They function 24/7 except for 2 days in the year. The Korean government is also really fast and efficient with the way they handle cargo compared to the US’s regulations. 

After the Terminal Visit, we went back to the hotel. We rested for a little bit and then some of us went to a Japanese restaurant actually and ate some potato/pork/shrimp katsu curry. The curry was sooo good and we all cleaned our plates haha.

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