The Final Day

The last day of the Korean experience was full of travel. The day started with a five-hour bus ride from Busan to the airport outside of Seoul. We had already experienced a few long bus rides, so I was used to being in the bus for a long time. We made two stops where I got food at each one since I had not had breakfast. At the first stop I just got a couple of doughnuts, and at the second stop I got a pork-based lunch.

After the bus arrived at the airport, we all checked our bags, went through security and went to wait for our plane. I got a sandwich at the airport because I knew I would be hungry later on. Eventually, we boarded the plane and set out on the long journey back to the states. On the plane it says how long they project the flight to be, and it seemed to be around an hour shorter than the flight to Korea and I was excited when I saw that. I spent most of the flight trying to sleep, as well as watching two of the Star Wars movies. After around thirteen hours, we were back in the United States, in Dallas, and what I thought was close to the end of traveling.

In Dallas, we went through customs, got our bags, and rechecked them. We had different final destinations, so we said our goodbyes and headed to our gates. I was heading back to Philadelphia, as well as a little less than ten of us so we were all at the same gate. Our flight had already been delayed from 6:45 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. but as we got closer to the flight it got delayed again until a little past 9. Then it got delayed again, and again, and again. Eventually it wasn’t going to take off until the next morning at 8:45 A.M. and we were all furious. As a group, we decided to stay the night in the Dallas airport and wait for our flight. Our flight then got delayed until 10 A.M. and then eventually noon. While we were waiting, we saw there was a 5 A.M. flight so we got on the standby list for that flight. We were all able to get on the 5 A.M. flight and eventually landed in Philadelphia at a little past 9. After around 40 hours since we had left our hotel in Busan, I was finally home.

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