Bye Korea! From Busan to Memphis

Traveling back to Memphis was one of the most challenging traveling experience I had ever experience. And the fact that we were leaving Korea made the whole experience more somber. Don’t get me wrong: I missed my family immensely. The last time I was in Memphis was over winter break. However, I knew that I was leaving this once in a lifetime experience and it was hard to say goodbye. There are parts of Korea I had always wanted to explore such as Jeju Island, and various districts in Seoul. that we didn’t have time for but nevertheless, I wouldn’t change my experience for the world.

The trip back home, however, was definitely a long one. We started our Saturday morning at 8 where we drove from Busan to the Seoul Airport. The bus ride was fairly long but the highlight was at one of the pit stops. I was able to get some more walnut balls that Dr. Yun had introduced to us earlier in the trip. There were honestly one of my favorite snacks in South Korea. Once arriving at the airport, some of us had to go our separate ways because they were not going back to the United States with us.

The flight from Korea to Dallas was a long 13 hours. Usually I sleep easily on the flights but this was a troubling time. When we landed in Dallas, that’s when all the problems arose. For one thing, reentering the US and going through customs was a tad annoying. I hadn’t traveled outside of the United States in a few years so I had forgotten about that entire process. But after that, the airport itself was going through some issues. In the Dallas area, there was a lot of concerning weather predicaments that cause a series of delays and cancelled flights. For me, I was supposed supposed to take a flight from Dallas to Memphis at 6:00 pm. I was able to get on a flight for Memphis until 1:00 am Sunday. Thankfully, I finally returned back home by 3:00 in the morning.

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