Day 15: The Longest Day

May 18, 2019

Remember during my first daily when essentially skipped a day on the calendar because of the time zones? Yeah, that thirteen-hour difference really jumped us into the future. Well today, we made up for that with what can only be described physically and mentally as the longest day of my life.

If you read my introduction blog, you’ll know I’ve ben fortunate enough to travel oversees in the past. With family in Germany and year long stint in Singapore, I’ve seen my fair share of airport layovers and delays. But today, all thirty-four hours of day, really took the cake.

We knew we were for a treat the moment Professor Yun explained the itinerary to us. Being in Busan, one of the southern most regions of South Korea, we were pretty far away from the airport. That meant getting up extra early to take a five-hour trip to the airport. That’s right. Five hours just for the commute TO the airport. Really set the tone for what was to come…

After going through security and checking our bags, we settled in for a twelve- and half-hour flight back to the Dallas International Airport. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, we almost didn’t get a chance to land the plane. The weather was so bad in Dallas that practically every flight in the airport was delayed. Now I’m no expert, but I am a seasoned travel. Let me tell you, scheduling a flight through Dallas in mid-May is just asking for trouble.

And trouble we got. Our connection to Charlotte was so delayed, we were certain to miss our final connection to Pittsburgh. So, we spoke with some of the airport staff to rebook. We had a bit of a miracle. Yes, our flight to Charlotte was delayed, but we had the chance to take to a direct flight from Dallas to Pittsburgh. Here’s the catch: there weren’t enough seats for everyone to re-route. Those lucky enough (and further ahead in line) got our new tickets and booked it to the new terminal. Let me make a long and boring story nice and short. The flight ended up being delayed five separate times before we finally made it backed to Pittsburgh around two o’clock in the morning. What a day!

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