Day 5: Our First Company Visits

May 8, 2019

Wow, our fifth day is already over. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. I feel like we’ve only been here for a day or two, yet we’ve seen so much. Today was our first of the more academic days here in Seoul. We toured a couple of companies and finally got a look at the Korean smart system integration. After hearing so much about it in preparation for the trip, it was pretty neat to see it in action.

First up was a tour of Samsung Biologistics which was pretty fitting if you think about. As the largest company in South Korea, Samsung makes up a whopping twenty five percent of the nation’s GDP. On their best days, this keeps the nation booming and strong on the global market. But talking to a couple of locals, that stat is more than a little worrisome. Any one entity holding that much influence can quickly spell disaster if they have a poor quarter, year, or end up going under in the long run. Lucky for the Koreans, however, that doesn’t seem like it’ll be happening any time soon.

Our tour of the Biologistics division showed us just how alive the company really is. And that’s thanks in part of to their use of smart systems. When you talk about the manufacturing process of biochemical pharmaceuticals, calling it “tricky business” would be quite the understatement. There’s so much to consider. Of course, you’ve got to follow a recipe. Like anything else you’d cook at home, there are specific instructions for how to carry about the process. But beyond that, Samsung Biologistics has to worry about maintaining their biotech growths, regulating temperatures, and properly storing their goods. Running the operation is more than a little over my head, but our tour guide broke down every step until it was easy to understand. Who knew learning could come by so easy halfway across the world!

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