Day 8: Traveling to Gyeongju

May 11, 2019

If you had asked me at the beginning of today how I thought it would go, I would have told you that today was set to be the most boring day of our trip. The only thing we had planned was travel from the massive city of Seoul to the much smaller town of Gyeongju. Once there, the staff and Dr. Yun recommended a market or two to check out, but that was pretty much all.

It wasn’t until we actually arrived at the hotel a couple hours ahead of schedule that the day became exciting. After unloading our stuff and finding our rooms, it didn’t take long for us to notice what looked like rollercoasters in the distance. Could it be? An amusement park in little old Gyeongju? I’ll save you the suspense. Yes! And it wasn’t just any amusement park. While exploring the streets of the town, we happened upon the amazing Gyeongju World. For only $25 USD, we got day passes with ride access. Now that’s an offer you can’t pass up.

Once we got inside, it felt as though we had been transported to a smaller, quainter version of Disney World. Statues reminiscent of various mythologies, rides named after Peter Pan, and carnival games dotted the park. The idea of riding rollercoasters in South Korea had never once crossed my mind before. But now, as we stood in front of massive tracks and screaming passengers, I wanted to experience it all.

We made sure to ride all the classics. Anything with a line had a wait of 30 minutes or more, but it was well worth the wait. And when the sun went down, the park became even more amazing. Fake roses lit up the pathways, the parkwide music slowed down, and the sun set behind the mountains overlooking the little town. There’s nothing quite like a beautiful ferris wheel view to seal the deal!

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