Day 12: Cinderella’s Castle

After a long day of presentations, we had packed day planned for our whole group. We started of by going to a traditional Bavarian breakfast. I remember Arielle talking about it during one of the classes in Pittsburgh so I was pretty excited to finally go. We walked into a large room that was filled with people and I could immediately smell the sausage. After we sat down at out tables they brought out pretzels and a large bowl filled with sausage. I enjoyed experiencing this tradition that felt like an authentic German pastime.

Following breakfast we got back on the bus and visited the Pilgrimage Church of Wies surrounded by a beautiful scenery. This was the smallest church we visited, but the details were so intricate. It was also very different because of how much newer it was compared to the past churches we had visited. The group got together to take a couple of pictures and we got back on the bus soon after. Now it was time to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle everyone had been waiting for. During the bus ride Dr. Feick gave us a small explanation about the history of the castle and Ludwig II.

Once we arrived at the small area around the castle we had a little time to look at some of the shops and I grabbed a coffee and muffin. Most of the group was looking up at the castle and questioning how we would get to it. Arielle soon informed us that we would be walking to the top which most people were not thrilled about. Once we started walking, everyone realized how nice of a day it was and how beautiful the scenery was so the complaining stopped. We arrived at the top and were able to look to the left to see a view of the town and the right to see the castle and a small waterfall.

The castle was currently under some reconstruction, but the Castle was still amazing to look at. We entered into the main gate and began to pass out tickets to get into the Castle. The tour was relatively short because there was a major part of the castle that was unfinished. Every fact the tour guide gave to us was not completely new information because Dr. Feick gave such a good explanation on the bus. The whole group would smile when she said something we already knew because we were so impressed with how much Dr. Feick knew already.

Following the tour we walked around the Castle onto a hanging bridge that overlooked the castle and another waterfall. After the group picture we made our way down to the bus and headed for another small town. We grabbed gelato and spent the bus ride planning the free day tomorrow.

Highlight of the Day: Walking around the Neuschwanstein Castle

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