Day 12: Picture-Perfect Neuschwanstein Castle

After the big presentations yesterday, everyone was feeling relaxed today. To begin the day, we went on a short bus ride to get a typical Bavarian breakfast at Baindlkirch. It seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere with the open fields and great views all around the building. Inside were many people already eating and many picnic-like tables set up. The food looked good and I was excited to eat. We sat down and ordered drinks. After a little, a bucket comes to the table filled with white sausages in water that are all connected together. We also got pretzels. I was a little put back from the sausages at first because they had a thick casing around them that I found difficult to remove but once I got the hang of it, the meat inside was delicious. Definitely one of my favorite meals during the entire trip. I’m glad that I didn’t eat anything before hand at the hotel and could fill up on the sausages and pretzels instead. There was also a great tasting mustard that went really well with the meal. This place was very authentically German and I loved that. It beats any touristy spot that you could visit because of how genuine it is and how it is truly a cultural experience.

After the great start to the day, we got back on the bus and headed to Wieskirche, a huge church in pretty much the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by pastures and cows. On this trip, we have seen many amazing churches, but none compared to this one. There were paintings all the way around the inside, the greatest on the ceiling with the interesting structure. I found it odd that this fantastic church was built in the middle of nowhere. It was big enough to fit a lot of people, but where were these people coming from? Honestly, I could understand that it would be the walk to go here even if you live far away because of how simply breathtaking the church was. After the church, I planned to get doughnuts that Arielle hyped up, but it turned out the doughnut place was closed. Oh well, I guess it’s good to be healthy anyway.

We got back on the bus and headed over to the main event of the day: Neuschwanstein castle. This was a huge castle that was built in a gorgeous area. We get to the town area and instantly I notice how beautiful it is. There is a lake that had such clear water that it reflected the mountains and sky perfectly. The area was quiet and some people went for a walk. I decided to sit by the lake with a few others and enjoy the relaxing views. It was good to relax since a lot of the trip is constantly moving.

Once we were ready, we began to head up the mountain towards the castle. Man, was this a climb. I have to go to the gym more since I got exhausted on the way up. I was jealous of the people who hired a horse carriage to bring them up instead. But once we made it, I realized it was worth the climb. The castle was massive and built in a perfect area. After many pictures were taken, we began the tour of the castle. Personally, this was not my favorite tour. It was short and we only covered about three rooms. There was also a lot of construction in one of the main rooms. I may just be all toured out at this point from the entire trip though.

After the tour, we went to the bridge across from the castle. This was the perfect picture spot but the bridge shaking was slightly frightening for some. It was also packed with people so that made it slightly more scary. Well once you get past the height of it and you look out, you see the beautiful castle. It was an amazing view, looking just like a Cinderella castle. For anyone visiting Germany, I would highly recommend going to see here.

Finally, we got back on the bus again to go to a local town, Füssen. We were given free time here, so I chose to relax. We got gelato and walked around a little. I think one of the things that I’ll really miss is the one euro gelato. The town itself was nice and quiet but still with a good personality. We only stayed for a little and then got on the bus to go back to Augsburg. It was a good day overall, I especially liked the breakfast and church. They were very genuine and I love being able to experience the awesome German culture. From what I’ve seen, it is more relaxed and profound than the culture in the states.

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