Presentations Means Farewell Faurecia

May 15th: With our company visits all wrapping up to end with our presentations, the long day finished with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Since presentations did not start until 1, being ready by 9:30 today was actually one of the longest I was able to sleep in. Despite this, I was still incredibly exhausted from the amount of time we put into the projects on the days before. Our group met in the hotel and went over to the University to meet up with the other German students to prepare before presentations. This was even more hours put into the project, I think at least 10 within the past three days, but we all felt prepared going in. Alicia was still in the hospital and would not be coming in until the time for presentations. This meant that the first time we would present as a group was during the actual presentation, which would be very difficult.

After practicing a few times, we went over to have our last meal at Mensa before we went to give our presentations. We were able to present first and I was pretty proud and content with how it ended. It was a great feeling to be done with any Faurecia work and it already felt incredibly relieving. With the other presentations, most of the information was something I learned from the tour. There was one point that Mattias made that I was not aware of, which was the laws restricting data collection in Europe, making it hard for market research. Again, anything related to my major naturally interests me and catches my attention, so I talked with him about the laws a bit longer to learn more about them and how it is different from the US.

The end of presentations meant we had a few more hours until the farewell dinner. Most of the group went back to the hotel, but Maya and I went out to a thrift store we had been trying to go to since the trip began. It took a while to get there and it ended up being a bust by the end of it since I did not buy anything, but I was able to try on one of the traditional German dirndls (dresses) just for fun.

We ended the day with the farewell dinner, which came all too quickly. We had a traditional German meal with not only all the American students but all the Germans as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sit with the German students from my group. Instead, I sat with Arielle and shared all the group gossip with her. For dinner, I had another meal with Spaetzle, which was one of my least favorite German foods, but this meal was not that bad.

Spaetzle dinner

Seeing everyone all together in a big room enjoying each other’s company was saddening. I don’t think it hit me as much because I know it isn’t the last time I will see some of the people, but I know the last day is quickly approaching.

Overall, it was great to bring a close to the presentation work and finally be done with Faurecia, or so I thought. The highlight of the day came when we actually saw Ivin from Faurecia, which we could obviously see because he was French. I’m looking forward to continue making memories with the group and other students while we are still in Germany to make the most of the last days.

Group picture after dinner

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