Building a Family within Zoom

Working on this cult-culturally has been a unique experience and I am so happy I go to be a part of this experience. It has taught me so many ways on how to work with team members in a virtual setting. Though there was a multitude of challenges to begin with, we have all come together to move past those challenges and work as a unite. I would say the most challenging aspect of working cross culturally in a virtual setting is dealing with life challenges. Just because life happens and as a result, at times, our group members, including myself, would miss out on some of our meetings and we would have to just figure out to adapt and fulfill our teammates. Another challenge our group had in the beginning was opening up. At first when first introduced into the breakout groups, cameras would be off and even though everyone was there, it felt like nobody was there. But we have gotten better and we all now enjoy our breakout rooms talking on work and just life with each other. The positives that have come out of our virtual setting is that we all can collaborate in a more effective way. Since at times my cross cultured friends do not understand some of the American culture or vice versa we can look up examples to help our friends better understand. Also we love sending memes and listenining to music while we collaborate. Just today while we were waiting for our presentation, we all played songs that were stuck in our heads that lead us to have a Bad Bunny concert in our breakout room. I love it. We all feel at home during our conversations because we are always laughing at each other and just learning more about our culture and the culture of my friends. An example is when Arthur explained how in Brazil there is a word to describe Friday that associates Friday with “good vibes”. Its just very interesting and we have learned more about each other and ourselves in a way that feels as if we are collaborating in person. Another aspect I love about this team is that we are all very curtious of each other and make sure we let our ideas be heard. With the virtual setting it has allowed to make a hidden rule. That hidden rule being when we are working on our presentation and project and someone turns on there mic, they have something they want to contribute to the presentation/project. Now as we approach the “Adcovacy” phase of case consulation, I am confident we will all implement our ideas in a effective and efficeient manner that allows us to put our very best into this project. But when we have free time and just hangout it is one of my favorite parts. I feel as if this is more of a little family than a group of team members.

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