Final Takeaways


       Some lessons I learned throughout this experience are patience, better collaboration skills, and learning how to do background research on things that I didn’t understand, and the different styles of business. The lectures in the beginning of the program helped me better understand how business is done in different countries and what countries value an emotional connection and trust versus a task based trust. I learned a lot by communicating with people from other backgrounds and how their culture is similar in terms of the activities they do, but also different by their holidays and food. Learning about the communication styles and different backgrounds has helped me communicate better with the international students. It has also helped me learn how I should be communicating in business depending on what country they are from. Also, by learning to do extensive research on things I didn’t understand it helped me better elaborate and feel confident in the pitch I was trying to present.

     In this project the transferable skill that I learned the best was teamwork. Going into this project I viewed myself as more of an independent worker not very collaborative and not very good with talking with people. Throughout this project I learned how to communicate my concerns with everyone in the group rather than trying to figure it out myself. This is important to my professional life because in many companies you have to collaborate and work with groups of people. This will help me communicate with others and not keep everything to myself. 

      For an interview I will explain this as a global and collaborative experience where I got to meet many amazing people, but also learn about the different styles of business and communication. I will pitch this as learning time management because people are from different time zones, and an experience that has helped me advance my professional skills more. I will explain how the cultural side of the project has helped me in business by knowing how to communicate with many different people. I will also pitch this by elaborating on the simulation a real business life and how it has given me the experience that I didn’t know I would have

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