Plus3 Global Projects: The Finale

Wow. I can not believe we are already done. This project has been an amazing experience and I am beyond blessed to have worked with such amazing people. I have learned so much and felt like this experience has taught me so much.

One of the first key lessons was that even though in a virtual setting, building trust within each other is the fundamental building block of teamwork. When we first began it was a challenge to build a connection with each other because of the virtual setting that was hindering our teammate chemistry. But as we started to get to know each other more and we began to trust each other, that was when the fun started. Constantly laughing in the breakout rooms and learning more about each other, at times I was surprised at how much I was looking forward to attend the zoom sessions. Not only did this help us enjoy the project more, we were able to communicate and coordinate more effectively and assess the different aspects we needed people to research in a much faster time than before. Another key lesson is that being proactive is something that is essential for team success. An example implements a google doc named the “Idea Dump” that contained all of our interpretations of professors Skip’s, Nagai, and Marcia’s informative presentations. It helped us tremendously when we needed to look over information in a way that was easier for all of us to understand and interpret. Prepared us accordingly and made sure we stayed on track with the objectives of the project.

Throughout this whole project, even in a virtual setting, I was building my analytical reasoning skills to come up with best interpretations of SpinCare to display to Senior Concierge. My team was constantly taking the larger problem of Senior Concierge and breaking it down into smaller problems to signify why SpinCare is going to make Senior Concierge more successful. Implementing more analytical reasoning within my professional and personal life is crucial for me because it will help me become more decisive and cool headed during crunch time. If I can master this skill I am fully confident this skill will help differentiate myself to employers.

While were talking about the future, when asked about this project I am ready to discuss how I was able to get first hand experience as a consultant. Even through a virtual setting, I still took the challenge to join a multicultural team and provide a service for a company in Brazil known as Senior Concierge. I would pitch this experience as a testament of my ability to try new challenges and dive myself into new experiences. To show that I am willing to do whatever it takes to provide a great service. Even if there is language barriers, time constraints, or even bad internet connection. That I am always trying to put myself in uncomfortable positions to expand past my comfort zone.

I just wanna take this time to say thank you to the Pitt Business Study Abroad team and Campus B for providing such an amazing experience. I am beyond blessed that I was able to friend people from around the world and come out of this experience with new family members. I can not wait for more future study abroad experience but until then I’m signing out. Peace.

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