Day 1: Our Action-packed Journey to Germany (May 7-8)

The trip to Augsburg has finally arrived! The time between first applying to Plus 3 and driving to the airport for our flight truly flew by. However, the duration of our journey across the Atlantic Ocean took longer than expected. After we had made it to Charlotte and took off for our connecting flight to Augsburg, the plane took a detour to the JFK airport in New York. Hours of waiting turned us restless before we were even on our eight hour flight to a time zone six hours ahead of Pittsburgh. Although, we were sleep deprived and not entirely excited to walk all day, it was wonderful to finally arrive on German soil. First impressions of Augsburg showed luscious greenery and simple beauty.


Being surrounded by a foreign language for the first time was absolutely eye-opening, and attempting to utilize the small amount of German I know was intimidating and difficult. Nerves set in and your brain quickly loses whatever knowledge it has, reminding me that it would take a great amount of time and persistence to adapt to a new language and culture. The differences in greenspace and transportation were immediately evident as well. The buses in the street that were clearly efficient was a nice aspect of the city, along with many spots for grass and flowers to grow right next to them. Touring the city gave a nice insight on the structure of the streets and the feel of the architecture. Winding brick roads with space for pedestrians felt very comfortable as the group learned the way around the city. Vinery on the buildings looked wonderful along with emphasizing the vital aspect of being eco-friendly in Germany.

Finally, we met the University of Augsburg Students at a restaurant called Zeughaus. On a calm, beautiful Augsburg evening we had a great dinner and introduction to the city. I tried my first plate of Schnitzel, which was delicious. I also found the dangers of asking for more water, as I payed four euro for a glass of tap water. This reminded me how this trip is a great learning experience, and I should be taking every opportunity to learn from mistakes and enrich my time as much as possible.


Overall, the introduction to Augsburg sparked excitement for what is to come in the next 12 days and taught me how much there is to learn while abroad.

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