Day 2: Company Visits in Limassol

We started our first day of company visits off with a bus ride over to Limassol where we were near the sea and visited Medochemie, a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Cyprus which they are working to expand even more globally as they already have centers in Vietnam and sell to various countries specifically in the EU. We were given an in-depth supply chain overview and asked many questions which were happily answered. Through this visit, we were also able to see the warehouse facilities Medochemie uses with supreme technology and organization as well as their modern office space which I thought was very interesting.

Following this visit, we ate lunch at UNIC’s cafeteria in which I ate pasta carbonara that I was starving for. After some time, we eventually had our meeting with Wargaming in a university amphitheater where an overview was given, and then we dived into the specifics and processes of making a game and identifying if a game was suitable with a ‘green light’.

We came up with methods and ideas on how to counter issues in which developers spend too much money on prototypes that are essentially not viable and have too many mistakes. The main solution we found was to implement competition between game producers as well as have expert players assist with testing and assessing the game. In this way, designers are more likely to fix their own faults that players will notice as well as wanting to make their game as optimized as possible to overshadow the competition. It was very interesting seeing Wargaming’s philosophy as they have risen to fame and have locations around the world globally specializing in marketing to those certain areas of the world.

We were able to finish the day slightly early with a successful first day of company visits. After some rest, tomorrow we return to Limassol again to view the ports and cargo processes there as well as explore a bit!

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