Dia 2: Chocolate, Rosa, y Rosa!


The day began with a 5:45 wake up call from Skipp for a drone shot on top of the hotel roof with the sunrise coming over the mountains. However, with our luck, the drone camera didn’t work and we woke up early for nothing! But, we were all able to enjoy our morning as a group and watched the sunrise over Quito. After, we began our studies on roses. We visited a local flower plantation and distribution center where we learned the processes and inner workings of the Ecuadorian flower industry. The company also gave us flowers to take home, however we gave them to the neighbors at the hotel due to the excessive noise we made the previous night.

After the flower visit, we went to a local town named Quinche where we ate lunch. While eating lunch, the bus driver somehow lost the keys which led to an amazing experience while aimlessly wandering throughout the town. Ben, Sean, and I walked into a local store where we met the owner. I offered her some of my sugar cane and she wanted more than I wanted to give her, so I made a trade for popsicles. We continued to talk to the lady, Rosa, and had a great time with her!

Con Rosita!

After the bus driver found the keys, we drove back to Quito and visited a chocolate factory named Bios. The man was a lot like Willy Wonka where he kept feeding us chocolate, teaching us the history of chocolate, and the production of cocoa beans. I did a keg stand on a chocolate fountain, sort of!

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